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Amish Furniture Business Comes to Prescott Valley

By Tom Scanlon, The Daily Courier

Deb and Dan Crook welcome customers to their new Amish Home Decor shop in Prescott Valley.

Seeing the Amish Home Decor sign from Highway 69, you might walk into this Prescott store expecting it to be candlelit, run by a long-bearded proprietor and his black-dress-and-bonnet-attired quiet wife.

Not so, as electric lights are on, Dan Crook's cheeks are clean-shaven, and his smiling wife, Deb, is wearing pants and a casual shirt.

The Crooks, who opened this furniture shop on September 1 (2014), may not be Amish, but they have deep roots in the traditional culture's furnishings.

Before moving to Arizona, the Crooks sold Amish furniture at two locations in Washington State. After enough of the damp, they figured they would come out of the rain, and moved to Surprise. "It was too hot," Deb Crook said.

And, since they didn't connect with the Phoenix culture, they headed north, finding cooler temperatures and friendlier locals. "Up here, the people seem more interested in the quality of their lives," Dan Crook said.

The key word in that sentence is "quality," which is something the Crooks say is deeply embedded in what they sell. "People walk in and say, 'It smells good in here' - that's because there's no formaldehyde in the wood. It doesn't have toxics," Dan Crook said.

The quality of the Amish furniture comes from their handcrafted approach to shaping strong, all-natural wood, he says. The contrast to these American-made furnishings are the cheap imports from China and other lands, where furniture is made of particle boards.

"Particle board - all it's made of is sawdust and glue," Crook said. "There's none of that, here."

While introducing many in this area to Amish furniture, the Crooks also would like to introduce themselves to the local culture. "We want to become part of the community," Dan Crook said.

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